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In the modern age people are constantly connected to the world wide web making an online web presence more important than ever.
Not all sites are create equal however and unless you engage with a provider to bring you a fully responsive design you might never be seen on the search engines, regardless of how good your site looks.
We create HTML5 compliant code that is Fully responsive so that your site doesn't just look good on Mobiles, Tablets and Computers, it also means search engines won't downrank your pages.
Whilst we don't lock you down to a hosting provider, we do throw in 12 months of free website hosting with a full site design and most of our site "fix ups", unlike some designers this hosting is YOUR account, with control panel and full access to do with as you like.

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Main Features:

HTML5 compliant Website Design

Fully Responsive / Mobile Ready

12 Months Free Website Hosting

Unique or Templated we can work to your budget

Fully Responsive / Mobile Friendly

Potentially over half of web pages are now being viewed by mobiles and tablets with most users staying less than five seconds on a site if it is not responsive.

Search engines are also penalising sites for not using responsive web designs meaning without a responsive design you will receive less visitors who are less engaged on your site.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) / Social Media Management (SMM):

When people need something, be it a product, service or information, they are increasingly turning first to the internet to find what they need. Sometimes to a specific website and at otehr times through social media.
This means a "business card" website that statically sits giving out your basic business details is more and more likely to not even be found, and even if you are up to date with a social media presence do you have the time to continually watch the pages to ensure the "I want it now" generation get answers to questions before they lose interest and move on to your competitors?

If static sites die then Search engine optimisation is the lifeblood of your websites success, the downside being that it can be extremely time consuming and easy to get wrong if you are not experienced. By letting professionals take care of developing keyword rich content, blogs, site optimisation and backlinks, you not only improve search engine rankings (leading to more visitors) but also to increase brand recognition, value and trustworthiness as well as keeping your time to focus on running your business or group.

Social Media Management can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be based on your goals and requirements. In it's simplest form we can provide monitoring of your social media pages and inform you rapidly if you have any response requiring your attention. If you do not wish to have your own social media employee we can also work with you to design and plan social media hype, responses, advertising, growth and even developing your own chat bot(s) to streamline business processes.

As every sites goals are unique so to is the package create for each client. If you don't want to let your site slowly become invisible ask for our SEO/SMM Questionaire and we will work together to build your business.

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Improve Seach Rankings

With more people turning first to their smartphones for searching than a computer, the smallest mistake on your part could leave you thinking you rank well while in fact nobody is seeing you at all.

Greater Brand Opinion

Many people start out thinking they will do there own SEO/SMM only to create a social page and not use it for years. We can keep a social image relevant and live. Which social brand is a customer more likely to choose?

Less of your time

If you spend all your time telling everyone how great you are yourself and how to find you, then how will you find the time to actually sit down and be great at what it is that you do?

Ongoing Analytics

Chances are even if you are trying to run "it all" by yourself right now, you aren't maintaining or using analytics data to see if what you are doing even works. Proper tracking leads to better future campaigns.