TeamSpeak Upgrade (In Progress)
  • Priority - Critical
  • Affecting Other - All TeamSpeak Services
  • Currently a TeamSpeak 3 client side update has forced a "jump ahead" in required server versions to version 3.3.

    We are currently in the process of updating each of our servers to 3.3 to bring back connectivity to clients that have updated the TeamSpeak Client.

    For some clients we will also be taking the opportunity to move the services onto our IP addresses in order to save on a future scheduled outage.

    We will update this page will completed servers as they are tested back online.


    An email will be sent to all TeamSpeak 3 service clients within the next 24 hours updating on the situation.

  • Date - 16/08/2018 17:10
  • Last Updated - 16/08/2018 19:25

Server Status

Below is a real-time overview of our servers where you can check if there's any known issues.

Server Name HTTP FTP POP3 PHP Info Server Load Uptime
BTS01 PHP Info
BTS02 PHP Info
BTS03 PHP Info
BTS04 PHP Info
BV001 PHP Info
BV002 PHP Info
BV003 PHP Info
BW001 PHP Info
MTS01 PHP Info
MTS02 PHP Info
MTS03 PHP Info
perthts01 PHP Info
STS01 PHP Info
STS02 PHP Info
STS03 PHP Info
STS04 PHP Info