Managed Services

Fully Managed Solutions

Want to know you have a problem before it becomes a problem or have support already working on a fix before you pickup the phone to report an outage?

Managed services means you don't need your own fulltime IT staff to get the best IT support. Our managed services give you the piece of mind that all your hardware is up to date, running as it should be and where required running the latest anti virus and security solutions, without the traditional need to wait for something to go wrong before we are contacted.

Managed Services can Provide:

Asset Monitoring

Operating System updates

Anti Virus / Net Security

Remote Support

Priority call out support

Server/Systems Management

Advanced warning of some hardware failures

Support even when you don't know you need it

With more frequent news reports of Viruses, Malware and Ransomware attacks hitting unpatched machines and causing companies considerable losses, Managed services go the extra step towards ensuring every asset is flagged to us whenever maintenance or support tasks are available.

This not only leads to less overall support tickets required as well as greater productivity, it also leads to greater overall stability as all similar platforms will always be running the same patches.

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