Ewaste Recycling

E-Waste & Metal Recycling

E-waste is the term given to end of life electronic items that most people now consider as trash.
Whether you call it E-Waste, Salvage, Junk or Trash, the truth is items that are no longer of any use to you, whether they work or not, are often able to be recycled into new products rather than sitting in a dusty cupboard taking up space or worse, in our landfill.

Think we can't recycle it? Think again!
Chances are if it is electrical (or often simply metallic), then we will be able to seperate and recover materials that will go back into making new products.

Worried about your sensitive data, Cartlin Tech offers free Drive destruction which still allows for the base metals to be recycled although makes it impossible for data to be recovered.
Why risk software based reformatting when we can preform a physical destruction of the drive.


Electronics (no longer needed)

Electronics (broken)

Metal Items

Items containing metal(s)

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Recover the cupboard/shed

Why waste storage space on obsolete items when we provide:

Free Pickup

We will provide free pickup for either set minimum quantities OR organise free pickup for one or two items when we are in the area on another job.

7 Days

You can either leave items in a set spot for our driver or if you prefer to be home we can work around your schedule.


Both on pickup & of your data, we will tell you ahead of time exactly who will be arriving, and if you have hard drive(s) we can preform a physical destruction to permanently erase data.

Item Examples:

If it is electronic or metallic we probably recycle it, here is a short list however to get you thinking.

Computers Servers Monitors Printers
Circuit Boards Mobile Phones Telephone Systems Routers/Switches/UPS
TV & Video Equipment Cables, Plugs & Wiring Kitchen Appliances Coffee Machines
Microwave Ovens Vacuum Cleaners Power Tools & Machinery Laundry Appliances
Metal Pipes, Poles & Posts Non Ferrous Metals (not magnetic) Ferrous Metals (Magnetic) Objects with a part metal component

Cans for a Cause

We might not be in South Australia, although did you know your aluminium drink cans are still worth something (albeit much much less)?

We pool all cans collected and give 100% of the cans value to Medokte, to help towards the development costs of their "health & fitness" software with a twist.
The twist is that while the software will ultimately be useful for everybody, the main goal is to develop functionality that will better help people suffering from conditions like PTSD, Depression & Anxiety as well as helping them better communicate how they truly feel to their treating professionals.

If you would like to help out by either donating your cans, acting as a collection point for your suburb or are a business that would like us to regularly collect cans from them, all you need to do is open a support ticket and start a discussion with us today.


Fitness Tracking

Event/Mood Journal

Discrete Medication Reminders

Health Care Connect

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find the answer you need? Please contact us and we will be happy to help!

Most definitely, as part of the booking process we ask for an idea of the type and quantity of items to be collected, this means we will know in advance whether to turn up in a Ute, with a trailer or in a truck.
Depending on your location and/or your expected volume we can either have a seperate bin provided to you for metals that we will take away at no cost OR we can simply remove easily accessible metals for your skip on a regular basis allowing you to fill the skip with more between having it emptied.
Thats fine. We can arrange a time that suits you 7 days a week as well as outside of standard business hours.
While our main coverage area is within the Moreton Bay regional council and Brisbane city council areas in Queensland, depending on volume we may be able to help out in other areas as well, or suggest a local.
Certainly, so long as they have a metal component to them.
We ourselves produce some ewaste in our day to day business of providing IT solutions. Wanting as much of our waste to be recycled rather than end up in landfill means we are able to take on other peoples metal/electronic recyclables regardless of quantities.
As recycling is not our full time trade we cannot process enough plastics to meet minimum weight requirements for recycling. Similar goes for wood.
As part of the booking we ask for an idea of the quantity and type of items you have. If the quantity is low we may place you on our "Suburb Pickup" list rather than arranging an immediate time with you.
Once we get enough interest in a suburb, or we have another pickup close by we will contact you and see if a time is convienient and if the item(s) still need pickup.