About Us

Who are we and what do we do?

Since early 2012 Cartlin Technologies has been an Information, Communication and Technology company that constantly strives to bring the best solutions to an Australian audience at competitive prices. We believe that in the past people often needed to decide between local and secure or overseas and cheaper pricing. Cartlin believed that the Australian market is big enough to deliver on both price and quality. Given that we are still innovating more solutions year after year we feel that we were correct in this belief.

Ryan Smith

Company Director

Ryan has been many things throughout his last 20 years in IT, from the broad "IT Guy" through to more specific roles such as Network Engineer. Most recently before founding this company however Ryan was a Telecommunications Technician for the Australian Defence Force.

Crystal Smith

Accounts Manager

Beginning in the Retail world Crystal has worked most of her career in the Aged Care sector. She still specialises in her field of passion although also manages our Sales and Accounts team ensuring every client gets taken care of.

Cartlin Technologies

Support Team

Our support team work tirelessly to maintain the services you come to depends on as well as supporting you through transitions to us, upgrades or general help.

Cartlin Technologies

Sales and Accounts

Quite often if you ask us sales questions our Support staff won't be able to help themselves and answer your query. As soon as you start talking dollars though our sales team are sure to step in to make sure you are getting the best deal for exactly the technology you need.

Our Values

Ryan is passionate about the industry he has devoted his life to and expects nothing less from his staff.

Focusing on finding the right solutions for your requirements, your budget and your future means your success is our success.


Whether it be equipment, staff or services we believe you deserve nothing but the highest quality.


We use only reputable, current and reliable technologies for your peace of mind.


We are an Australian Company running server in Australia because we care about our clients audience.


Many of our services come standard with features other companies charge for as addons.


We believe high quality should not mean high cost and work hard to minimise pricing and maximise value to our clients.


With the Internet and IT in general getting more targetted by the day, we do not allow or tolerate clients "abusing" the network.

Our Location